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Moxad Enterprises Inc., Toronto - Canada 2003-now


Created Moxad Enterprises Inc. to do independent consulting. Specializing in systems-integration, UNIX/Linux administration, programming and computer room design and audits. Client work has included computer-room audits, systems administration on NetBSD, Solaris, and Debian (Linux) machines and writing web-based applications using Python, Perl, CGI, PHP, and HTML/CSS with PostgreSQL and mySQL database back-ends.

Gray and White, Toronto - Canada 2014-2015

co-founder/Chief Developer

Gray and White developed technologies that allowed remote sensing and triage of battlefield injuries.
This start-up company was the result of what was intended to be a fun weekend for a friend and I at Hack'n'Talk. The sponsors of the event, Canada's newest incubator Fashion Zone, at Ryerson University, liked our prototype and chose us to continue working on a design of detecting body-armor penetration and relaying that info as well as other bio-metrics to field medics and Command-Control.
Languages used for the prototype were C for the Arduino micro-controller, Perl and Python for the server back-end, and Javascript, HTML and CSS for front-end web-apps and an Android app using the Cordova (Phonegap) framework.

Rogers Communications, Brampton - Canada 2009-2014

Systems Integrator

Wrote diagnostic software for customer devices (Cable-Modems (CM), SetTop Boxes (STB) and Embedded Media Terminal Adapters (eMTA)) used by call-centers, Tier-2 level support, and technicians doing in-home service. Wrote web-services (XML/RPC, SOAP, REST), called by my diagnostic tools and other parties. Tools written (and web-services) are driven by config files for different behavior for different users (departments/groups).
Software written in Perl on Linux systems.

Rogers Cable, Toronto - Canada 2004-2006

Manager, VoIP Technology

Manager of the VoIP Technology department responsible for design and deployment of the new Rogers Home Phone (RHP) product, utilizing Nortel soft-switches, Nuera media gateways and Arris/Scientific-Atlanta eMTA's.

GNAC, Inc - Redwood City, California, USA 1999-2002

Director - Engineering

Director of Engineering for all company locations (RedWood City, Washington DC, Toronto). The department included the UNIX, Windows, Security, Networking, and Data Architecture groups.
GNAC (Global Networking and Computing) provided Internet Operations management services.
GNAC was later renamed to Certainty Solutions.

UUNET Canada - Toronto, Canada 1996-1999

Director - Internal Systems

Director of Internal Systems department spanning Toronto and Montreal. Part of the senior management team. Responsible for all aspects of running department (staffing, budgets, etc) including software development team and running of production UNIX systems for all of UUNET Canada. Responsible for CRM, Y2K and other projects.

Network Infrastructure Specialist/Manager

Designed computer rooms for both manned and un-manned locations across Canada for UUNET to build a robust and reliable national network. Worked on room layouts, dealt with power (UPS, generator), HVAC, cabinet design and layouts, cabling, raised floors, cable-trays, and all other necessary infrastructure required for the operation of computer rooms.

European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) - Cambridge, England 1994-1996

Senior Unix Systems Manager/Network Manager

Designed and set up the networking and computing environment at the EBI. Dealt with architects, project managers, vendors, consultants, building contractors, engineers, etc. Dealt with all issues of design/setup including computer-room layouts, air-conditioning, network design, power, leak/fire detection systems, cabinet layout/purchase/wiring, etc. Ported/modified UNIX applications and systems software including most daemons to OSF/1 on new DEC Alpha architecture.

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) - Heidelberg, Germany 1993-1994

Senior Systems Manager/Programmer Analyst

Hired as UNIX Systems Manager for the department.
Began design of computing environment of the EBI (EMBL Outstation) to be built near Cambridge, England. Experimented with new more efficient methods of accessing genetic database sequences over the Net - some used at EBI for some time.

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Canada 1984-1990 and 1991-1993

Senior UNIX Systems Programmer/Manager

Responsible for maintaining UNIX on many DEC, Sun, IBM, Mips, SGI and Sequent machines. (BSD, Ultrix, SunOS, AIX, RISC/os, IRIX, Dynix). Duties included system generations, applying kernel fixes, maintaining news, UUCP, mail, etc. Rewrote most of B-news, UUCP drivers, security software, etc. Worked on network management, system monitoring and security applications.

ETH (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule) - Zurich, Switzerland 1990-1991

Senior UNIX Systems Programmer/Manager

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Responsible for maintaining UNIX on approximately a hundred Sun workstations and their servers. Duties included all software maintenance, backups, consulting, security and software updates. Wrote replacement software for passwd/chfn/chsh and a daemon to have a robust/secure alternative to Yellow Pages (NIS).

Mitel Corporation - Kanata, Canada 1982-1984

Systems Programmer

Wrote program for ONTYME mail to VAX mail transfer, monitoring programs for PABX's and PACX's, database conversions, and small applications on VAX/VMS.

Leigh Instruments - Waterloo, Canada 1981-1982

Systems Programmer

Responsible for system generations and writing, modifying and supporting systems software. Wrote drivers, interrupt handlers, software tools, real time data collection software and inter-computer communications software for down-loading special file formats.


Bachelor of Mathematics from University of Waterloo 1981